Meet Deb & Michele


Deb Ross, MS, L.Ac, Dipl. OM

Deb Ross The Well Center


A licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist in NYC and Westchester, Deb has been involved with, studying and practicing Chinese Medicine for fifteen years. During her master's program at Touro College, she participated in a year long internship at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Upon graduation, she was presented with the Touro College Maimonides Award for exemplifying high ideals in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Deb apprenticed alongside Thomas Droge – while in school and even after – for five years and garnered extensive experience in treating orthopedic and sports injuries, psychiatric conditions, fertility, and autoimmune diseases using Chinese Medicine. She has been in private practice for over twelve years.

What inspires Deb most about Chinese Medicine is its ability to see each person as a unique individual. It acknowledges all experiences such as past and/or chronic health issues, childhood illnesses, stress, eating habits, physical injuries and other lifestyle choices as major influencers in our current state of health, allowing us to create a targeted treatment plan that works specifically for each person.


Touro College, NY
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Focus in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Tui Na

Droge Clinic / Pathfinder Institute

Lutheran Hospital, NY
Focus in Oncology, Labor and Delivery, Stroke Rehabilitation

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999
Literature and Women’s Studies
Concentration in Art History

Michele Zipper

Michelle Zipper The Well Center


Michele Zipper is a mama of three kids, a loving wife and a wellness enthusiast. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Positive Discipline Teacher, and is currently completing a masters program in Integrative Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition.

She has worked personally with leading health and wellness experts in her own journey of self-discovery, healing and creating balance in her own life, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights with you.

Her passion lies with the family unit and together creating harmony through food, bonding, and wellness. Every family needs a healthy role model, so she welcomes you to let her guide you in discovering your own personal journey.


Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

International Association of Health Coaches
Certified International Health Coach

Positive Discipline Association
Positive Discipline Parent Educator

GirLife Empowerment Facilitator

Meet our Wellness Experts

Cass Jhiorse



A seasoned teacher with 15+ years in the field, Cass Ghiorse is a founding teacher at Hastings Yoga (where she still instructs); has been on staff at Equinox since 2008; and is a sought-after teacher for both corporate and private classes throughout Westchester. In Cass’ class you’ll find more of a breath-centered functional movement rather than any one lineage of Yoga. She creates a safe space for people’s curiosity and strives to teach realistic ways that movement and meditation can be integrated into one’s life, rather than just on the mat. Throughout her long career, Cass has worked with people of all ages and abilities.  She is known for her use of language, clear alignment knowledge and emphasis on core strength as a path to a stronger center and connection to yourself. She lives in Pleasantville, NY with her husband and two children. You can find more about her work at


Amy Kaufman



To Amy, being a Reiki Master is not a profession as much as a path she followed. During a Tarot Card reading in 2009 She was invited to consider becoming a Reiki Practitioner and it rang true. As a wife and mother, Amy is am a natural giver. A giver of love, support and a giver of herself. Following her path in becoming a Reiki Master has allowed her to continue to give love and support to many in need of healing.


Lana Arus



Lana has a love of all things healing. She is qualified in Reiki, Sound Healing, Ayurveda, hypnotherapy and is extremely passionate about working with kids in meditation and yoga. She is a certified Reiki Master and an Usui/Holy Fire II ART/Master Teacher, a Sound Healing Practitioner for Atma Buti Sound Healing Method with Sound Healing using Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowls, and is a graduate of the Kerala Ayurveda Academy and have completed a comprehensive clinical and Vedic studies internship. She has provided healing all over the world most recently in Africa and Europe.


Halle Becker



Halle has been teaching Homegirl Yoga for over 15 years, she’s taught at some of the biggest yoga studios in NYC including Earth Yoga, etc, and she’s a rockin’ SoulCycle instructor. She’s led retreats around the world, and was a Lululemon ambassador for years. Halle was actually the only teacher asked to lead the Lululemon world conference and she was voted “most popular teacher” in NYC! Her class combines hard work with a good dose of humor and self reflection. Check out more of Halle at


Rosemary Hochberg



As we navigate life, there may be times we are faced with difficult challenges and stressful situations that can make us feel lost, frustrated and even helpless. However, these situations are also an opportunity to discover what we are really made of.  Our outer and inner worlds are undoubtedly connected. Thankfully, even when everything seems to be falling apart in our outer world, we can always count on our inner world to carry us through. Importantly, a disharmonious mental state is a key factor in the disease process.  Internal imbalance can manifest in the physical form, creating emotional and physical pain. Reiki works to correct that imbalance.  Through a non-invasive light touch therapy, Reiki directs the energy flow in our body to enable harmony of the mind, body and spirit. 

Rosemary’s approach to healing incorporates Reiki with a blend of techniques including Healing Touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Aromatherapy, Yoga and Meditation, helping you to achieve health, spiritual growth and connection to the soul.

We are all the same Love”


Eliza Grimes Hunsinger



Eliza is a nationally board certified and licensed acupuncturist and is a board certified herbalist through the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and the state of New York. She received her four year Master's Degree in Science and Traditional Oriental Medicine from one of the oldest and most respected colleges in the United States, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Eliza decided to become an acupuncturist after experiencing life-changing results as a patient. As a practitioner, Eliza places great emphasis on the patient/practitioner relationship, ensuring a comfortable, safe space for healing and encompassing the ability to make a patient feel heard and understood. 


Neely Ciarcia



Neely has been in love with the practice of yoga for over 15 years. She received her 200 hour certification with Sonic Yoga in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, NYC in 2006. Since that time she has acquired numerous CE credits practicing with the top teachers in several yoga styles.  She also completed a 30 hour Restorative Yoga certification from Buddhi Mat in Ridgefield, CT in 2013 and her 500 hour training with Ohra Yoga in Mt Kisco, New York in 2018. She is deeply grateful for all of her teachers and the magnitude of what she has learned from each of them.

Neely finds bliss in the sweat and intensity of hot yoga and strives to create that experience for her students. She imbues vinyasa flow sequences with music and meaning to seduce her students into a love affair with themselves.  Wielding the powerful tools of movement and breath, her students chisel away at limiting beliefs and contractive processes to expand into an awakened consciousness. 

Neely’s ultimate goal is to remove the veil of worldly debris from the sight lines of her students so that they return again to their point of origination- as beings with clear and open eyes, hearts and minds.


Patricia Wahl



Patricia Wahl is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher who has a passion for teaching others how to move with greater ease.  Through use of the Feldenkrais Method®, she has helped people of all ages improve their posture, decrease chronic pain, and overall stress, as well as improve their mobility with long lasting results. To learn more about Patricia, please visit her website at:

Daria Laucello



Daria is an RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master who trained at Ohra Yoga. She has also learned from and practiced with the oldest yoga teacher in the world Tao Porchon Lynch as well as internationally recognized teachers including: Rodney Yee, Coleen Saidman, Dana Flynn and many other well known yogis. Daria has served as ambassador for the Hamptons Yoga Fest in Bridgehampton, NY and serves as a Brand Ambassador for

Daria loves giving back, sharing the gift of yoga and guiding practitioners to achieving their most authentic and radiant selves. Her approach is centered around helping her students de-stress, reflect, re-set and recharge, connecting mind with body. Her classes include a focus on breath control (pranayama), core development, body strengthening and increasing flexibility as well as muscle tone and endurance.

 As a daily practitioner of yoga, Daria has experienced the first hand benefits of optimized health, well-being, mental clarity and physical fitness. Her desire to find beauty in everything and her creative spark make her a natural yoga instructor. Daria believes that her role is to teach, uplift, enlighten and serve.

Andrea Sferes



Shamanic Reiki Master Andrea Sferes believes when people lie down on the table and surrender to doing nothing, their true selves unfold eloquently around them. This is the space she occupies when channeling energy into the body. By talking with clients and working with the body through the modality of Reiki, she uses shamanic practices to recalibrate the body, mind and spirit. If seen for several visits, clients go deeper to clear past wounds, gain insight into their potential and clarity on overcoming obstacles. Part spiritual life coach, part practical priestess, Andrea uses her life experience as a former modern dancer turned visionary, studied yogi, healer, entrepreneur, certified aromatherapist, constant empath and deep dive spiritualist to help heal her clients and imbue insight into their life challenges.

Kristen Briody



Kristen Briody is a NYS licensed Physical Therapist and a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor trained through Balanced Body University. She earned her MS from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons program in Physical Therapy and her BA in Psychology from Binghamton University.

Kristen was exposed to Pilates in 1999 at a gym mat class and fell in love with the method immediately. Shortly thereafter, she took her first instructor training class for the Pilates mat repertoire and began teaching at a gym in Brewster, NY and later on in New Milford, CT. Although Kristen went on to study the full apparatus training and has been teaching private sessions on the Pilates apparatus for 7 years, she is looking forward to returning to the class setting at Be Well. Kristen’s strengths include a good eye for alignment in the body while offering verbal, manual and visual cues to improve student technique.