Family Health Coaching

Inside every one of us is intuition so powerful, that we each have the knowledge and the capacity to learn, grow and heal ourselves. Science is teaching us that food and lifestyle choices have the ability to heal us or potentially harm us. When we live holistically in balance and are content with all aspects of our life, including stress, work, relationships, exercise, and happiness, the story of our lives can change in ways we might not have realized was possible. Often, one small change is enough to create a ripple effect throughout our whole life! But sometimes we hold ourselves back - we don’t know where to start, feel like we’ve tried everything, don’t care enough, or haven’t realized the impact that making healthier choices can have on us and our family. As health coaches, we help you move toward your short and long-term goals through guidance and accountability. Over the course of a program, we can help you get through those limiting beliefs to break through to your Aha moment so that you can take control and make long-lasting changes in ways that work for YOU.


One-on-One Coaching


Create that time for yourself to set your health goals, and work with a health coach to stick to them. Find out why you make certain choices and discover alternative solutions. When you learn to become aware of your choices and listen to your body,  Align yourself with someone who can walk alongside you, and you’ll find yourself on the right path where anything is possible. 

Watermelons were the first water jugs or containers. Africans carried them across the hot deserts so they would always have a drink handy.

Parent/Child Coaching


The best way to help make changes in a child’s life is to empower them to make their own changes. Kids’ behavior, health, and happiness depends on the food they eat. Today’s kids are growing up on sugar, processed foods, and very few whole foods, and their health is suffering. You can avoid chronic childhood diseases and illnesses by teaching them healthier habits. Some topics we can discus…picky eating, allergies, infant nutrition, healthy mindset, snackets….HEALTHY families = HAPPY Families.

Most people fall asleep in seven minutes.

Pre/Postnatal Coaching


Pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, or recently gave birth? Make sure your body and mind are in the right state to create a beautiful healthy baby. What you eat matters, for them and for you. Learn what feeds their little brains, and find ways to incorporate healthy habits from the beginning.

What you eat while you’re pregnant can influence your baby’s development and what he or she eats later in life.

Group Coaching


People learn better together!  Find the support you need with like-minded people with guided topics and discussions. As a group, we’ll discuss and brainstorm new ways to grow together, learn how to nourish our mind, body, and soul, and have some fun along the way!

The ‘cheerleader effect’ is a scientifically proven theory that individual faces appear more attractive when presented in a group then when presented alone.

Positive Discipline Workshops + Groups


Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and there is no manual to guide us. Positive discipline teaches us to look at ourselves, to be kind, yet firm and arms us with the tools we need to support our entire family. It enables us to guide our kids to learn to become independent, strong, and empathetic adults. While respecting your child and their feelings, seeing your child for who they are, and looking at your motives and feelings as a parent, positive discipline will give you the tools you need. Available for custom private groups if you don’t see a group that works for you.

The word ‘discipline’ comes from the Latin term which means ‘to lead’.

Healthy Home Makeovers


Changes in your life start with changes in your home! We run an in-home assessment with practical recommendations to clean up your kitchen, as well as organizing what you already have.

Marie Kondo says “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life.”

GirLife Empowerment Series


GirLife is a series of empowerment workshops dedicated to supporting young girls to find their own voice and live a life that lights them up from the inside-out. In these classes, girls age 5-12 will learn profound tips for cultivating happiness, peacefulness, and confidence in the young girls in your life.....and beyond!!  Girl empowerment is about nourishing all parts of ourselves -- minds, souls, and bodies. As with all things, the habits that create a strong and confident woman start at home. We need to instill these habits in them young, so when things start to get hard, they have this to fall back on. 

GirlLife Rule:  If you wouldn’t say it to your daughter, don’t say it to yourself.

Michele was able to help me achieve all my goals by checking in on me every other week, plus sending me healthy recipes and encouraging me to stay focus.
The most significant change I have noticed is I have so much energy to go about my daily tasks. I would describe Michele as encouraging, dedicated, committed, organized, and fun. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about their health and ready to make some life long changes. She made it fun, interesting, easily understood and simple. Her honest, authentic approach made it a pleasure to follow!
— Sybia marshall