Deb Ross is a beam of love and light. I first started seeing Deb about 4 years ago when my ankle had been chronically hurting me on and off for about 6 months, then another colleague referred me to go see her for acupuncture. I had never tried acupuncture before but I was willing to try anything to get my ankle pain to go away. I’m a professional dancer and a personal/group fitness trainer, so I use my body for my living and I show others how to use their body!! So it’s very important to me that my body is healthy.

In my first session with Deb we had a very in-depth consultation about me, my overall lifestyle, and what was going on with my ankle. Then we got to the acupuncture. After the session my ankle pain went from a ten (not able to walk) to a three, it was incredible. I felt such a release! That night I went to sleep and I woke up and it felt like I had taken a two week vacation. I was so rested and restored. Needless to say I haven’t stopped seeing her since. I’ve had other bumps and bruises along the way: low back problems, neck stiffness, and hip/psoas pain, (injuries that have come and gone my entire life as a dancer) and I got sick a couple times. With each injury or illness Deb did not ever approach the situation as an isolated incident. I learned from her that everything in my body is connected not only physically, but also to my emotions. Which taught me in own practices as a dancer, trainer, and human being to work from a place of prevention. Instead of waiting till the very last moment when my body is in extreme pain or I’m very sick, Deb taught me how to listen to the signals my body sends me on a daily basis. I realized that before I was getting to some of my worst moments physically or emotionally, my body had been sending me warning signals for months! Deb takes the time to really listen you, your story, what is really going on, so she can truly dig in and help. You aren’t just another patient to get in and out of the door— she really cares.

Since working with Deb a lot of my injuries/pains have completely subsided, or if anything starts to hurt I’ve learned how to stop everything before it begins to worsen. Deb is a listener, a cheerleader, a teacher, a giver, and truly is just a breath of fresh air every time I get to see her. Anyone I know from colleagues, clients, fellow dancers, family members, etc, who comes to me for a reference of what they should do for an injury, pain, illness, stress, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal problems, ANYTHING—I send them to Deb!
— Sasha Lynn Mihovilovic - Professional Dancer, Senior Trainer & Certification manager at AKT in Motion

I found Deb during a crucial moment in my life, the acupuncturist I had been seeing for quite some time had moved out of New York and I was undergoing major TMJ treatment that needed immediate attention and relief. The moment I met Deb I was instantly at ease and felt comfortable, I got the sense I was in very good hands. Before even receiving treatment I felt understood and that she was taking it all in trying to asses the best protocol to help me feel better. Since then there is no turning back, every session has been an incredible part of my healing journey and I cannot wait until I get to see her again for my next session. There is attention, care, knowledge, and energetic healing in each visit, it’s a genuine pleasure.
— Stephanie Glasers

Three years ago I injured my back while exercising. The pain was debilitating, and while it began as a purely physical injury, the pain eventually took a psychological toll as my quality of life declined steadily. I spent eighteen months visiting specialists and attempting to manage my pain through physical therapy, daily medication and, eventually, epidural shots. Nothing worked. Out of what I admit was desperation, I was finally convinced by my wife to try acupuncture with Deb. Her care has completely changed my life. There was a small but noticeable improvement after my first acupuncture treatment, but most importantly, I had hope for the first time in 18 months. Within weeks I was completely pain and medication free. I continue to visit Deb for maintenance treatments, and under her care I have remained pain free and returned to all my normal activities. I can’t thank Deb enough for giving me my life back.

Deb is my secret weapon! Not so secret because I rave about her and will continue to do so. Deb has been so integral to my health; to the healing of some significant injuries and to the healing of my heart through some major life moments. Deb is the most skilled acupuncturist I’ve experienced. She deeply cares about the well-being of those who come to her which is felt in every session. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an expert practitioner who will tend to their mind, body, and heart.

Michele was able to help me achieve all my goals by checking in on me every other week, plus sending me healthy recipes and encouraging me to stay focus.
The most significant change I have noticed is I have so much energy to go about my daily tasks. I would describe Michele as encouraging, dedicated, committed, organized, and fun. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about their health and ready to make some life long changes. She made it fun, interesting, easily understood and simple. Her honest, authentic approach made it a pleasure to follow!
— Sybia marshall